Spooky zero-waste tip: upside down apples

*Infomercial voice* Do you enjoy apples but hate the cores that are left behind? Do you wish eating fruit and being healthy could be a little less wasteful?

What if I told you there was a way to make apple cores disappear forever?

*X-Files theme plays*

Bear with me here because this may sound a bit weird: eat the apple from the bottom up. The core only seems to exist when you eat around it, but the difference in texture is barely noticable when you eat it the other way around! You may end up eating a couple of pips, but they won’t kill you unless you eat thousands of them 🙂

A photo of a red apple with a halloween pumpkin face carved into it. The apple sits on its side and has had a bite taken out of the bottom.

Just heckin bite it on the butt…if you don’t like the little leafy bit, pick it off 🙂

The top section of a red apple sitting on a plate. The apple has been eaten from the bottom up.

Eat all the way up to the top and twist off the stalk. Core? What core?!

A single brown apple pip and an apple stalk resting in the palm of a white hand.

Here’s what I’m left with…one stalk and one pip!

Plant the pip and grow an apple tree! Compost the stalk! Be free of your apple waste and have a spoopy halloween!


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