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How to make money online: a beginner’s guide

Having recently become funemployed a couple of months ago, I have spent an almost unhealthy amount of time on the internet in an attempt to earn some extra money and stop my bank account from shouting at me.

At first I earned basically nothing – a lot of the online “jobs” out there are massive scams, and a lot of others pay next to nothing for a huge amount of work. Now, I’ve settled into a routine that, when I spend a proper amount of time on it, will earn me a decent amount of money each month (yay!). 

So, here’s a list of resources and tips that I’ve cobbled together in the past month or so – I hope it helps you start earning too!

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Jars of jam on a shelf

How to fix overcooked, overset, or too-thick jam in less than 30 seconds

I recently made several jars of jam to give as Christmas gifts, but had to keep the first batch as it came out so thick it was almost inedible.

I’m also very lazy, so shoving it all back into the pan and mixing in other things to try and thin it out was completely out of the question.

Luckily for me, though, this is 2018 and technology exists!

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